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Home & Property Renovations
By TLC Home & Property Services

If your home is in need of some TLC, we can provide your property with precisely that. Covering all areas of home renovation and property development, the opportunities to revamp your home are endless. We not only cover home refurbishment, garage renovation and loft renovation but we also install partitions too.

TLC is specialist in the domestic home improvident market so when we refer to new builds we mean the construction of a property within the grounds of your home or a plot of land you own rather than large scale commercial property development.

But why would you consider building within your existing grounds? Consider the following:

•    Could I provide a home for a parent or grandparent within my grounds?
•    Could I help my kids get onto the property ladder in this tight market? (And keep an eye on them at the same time!)
•    How could we create more space for the family?
•    Could I outsource the teenager in the family?!
•    Could I increase the household income by letting out a self contained annex?
•    Do I deserve that workshop or office area?
•    Could we start and run a business from home?

These are just a small sample of why people develop their existing plot to maximise its potential.

Have You Ever Considered Home Refurbishment?

If you want your home to benefit from a renovation; we deliver professional services to improve the structure and design of your property. For loft conversions, a new kitchen, or a garage renovation, we can take the hassle out of home refurbishment, ensuring you get the property you have always wanted. Our design, project management and building service mean you can get the home refurbishment you’ve always dreamed of.

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Discuss With Us Your Garage Renovation Solutions

For homes with potential space in the shape of a garage, we can renovate your un-used garage to allow you additional living space. A garage can be renovated into a spare bedroom, a study, a play room or any other room that your home may be lacking. If you would like to benefit from more space for you and your family, contact us at TLC Services today.

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The Benefits of Loft Renovation

A loft conversion is an especially clever way to boost your living area, without consuming your vital garden space. A loft conversion is also a proven way to add value to your home. By choosing to convert your loft, you can transform a dull and dreary space into a stylish and relaxing one. With the added feature of a sky light, you can gain superb views too.

Adding Partitions And Knocking Through Non-Load Bearing Walls

If you are in search of a straightforward and simplistic approach to room division, partition walls are the ideal solution. Installing a partition wall into your home can not only provide you with additional privacy but it can increase thermal insulation, and prevent noise pollution too. If you require a partition wall or any other services, contact us at TLC Services today.

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Customer Testimonials

TLC Home & Property Services has pride in delivering the very best quality, customer service and workmanship to every customer. But don’t take our word for it – Browse through some of the testimonials and case studies we have received from customers who allowed us to help them make the very best of their homes.

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Workmanship Guarantee

We carry out all aspects of home improvement and general building services – new kitchens, new bathroom, painting and decorating, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, tiling, partitioning, ceilings, walls, refurbishments, loft conversions and property extensions. All work is carried out by our dedicated team of experienced tradesmen and we maintain a 1 year workmanship guarantee. Your home is covered against accidental damage whilst we undertake the works to a value of £2 million.

But What About The Budget For New Builds & Property Development?

It may be the case that you may have overestimated exactly how much you need! Conversely you may need to spend more to get exactly what you need. Either way TLC will provide honest feedback in these areas to help you reach the right decision for you.

Internal Structural Alterations Need Not Be A Headache

Houses are rarely built to your exact requirements when it comes to the layout and proportions. We all have to make compromises when we buy a new home – and that’s nothing new.

Generally we begin to except the space we have and try and live around it. But there comes a time when enough’s enough and the alterations need to be made.

You may have the perfect sized bathroom for a couple but it’s simply too small for your family of 6 – mornings are more like trench warfare than a daily routine.

Maybe a separate dining room is perfect for the people living there before but you need more light and a bigger area in your kitchen. And why didn’t they put double doors in leading to the garden – that really would be a great addition!

Perhaps that whopping brick built fire place was someone’s pride and joy – now it splits up your living room and it feels like you’re watching TV at the O2 arena.

Or perhaps ‘that wall darling, well it could do with being slightly more, well … that way!’

And what about the garage, could you steal some unused space and convert it to where you’d use it?

Whatever the reasons removing, replacing and redesign interiors needn’t be ‘Mission Impossible’ rather more ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ providing you get your Home Improvement team right.

As always there are regulations and controls in place which protect you, your family and your biggest investment. TLC handles the process with an easy and straightforward approach, taking the hassle out of what is already a busy time for you.