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Up and down the country in bathrooms suites everywhere, there are men still clinging to the 20th Century by using a manual razor. In my little bathroom nestled away in the Essex countryside, I must admit I too have been stuck in my ways and have never used anything other than a manual razor for my grooming needs. 
This article will take a look at the different Electric Shavers for your Essex Bathroom on offer to offer some advice on what shaver is best for you. 
The majority of electric shavers are now rechargeable so they are great for use on the move. A lot of them are cordless which means you still have the freedom of movement that the old manual method gave us. Personally, I hate having anything plugged in so cordless is important to me but everyone is, of course, different and can hold their own opinion. 
There are a lot of different features on electric shavers in today’s day and age so as well as deciding whether you want a foil or rotary shaver you will also need to consider whether you want to use your new gadget in the shower, whether you want a beard trimmer or a shaver that’s sensitive to your skin. 
The little tips below should be a great help when it comes to selecting what shaver is for you. Once you have decided the type of shaver you need then it is just the 100’s of different models you need to sort through. Nobody said that this was going to be easy! 
Foil Shavers 
Foil shavers have straight heads that use blades underneath a thin foil to cut your facial hair. These models tend to be Braun or Panasonic but Remington have been known to offer foil shavers also 
Rotary Shavers 
This type o Electric Shavers for your Essex Bathroom usually has three different heads which rotate in order to lift and then cut your facial hair. Phillips are well known as a leading manufacturer of these types of electric shavers and Remington also offer these type of razors. 
Opinion is split regarding what razor is actually the best. Lab tests have uncovered models of both types that excel at shaving and comfort enough to earn our rave reviews from various media sources, so we believe it truly is largely a matter of personal preference. Personally, I have found that the Rotary Shavers are more effective but then that is just one man’s opinion. A lot of my friends have foil shavers taken pride of place in their Essex bathrooms so giving both a go may be in order before you find out what works best for you. 
There are main rechargeable shavers, cordless shavers and mains only shavers available on the market for a variety of different colours, model types and prices so reviewing any shavers you have your eye on may well be the way forward in helping you decide what type of shaver you want to purchase they, of course, all have their own individual benefits and drawbacks. For example, if you wake up and need a shave before work but have forgot to recharge your shaver then, of course, you will pining for a mains only shaver. On the same front if you to have freedom of movement whilst having a shave the mains only option can be very restrictive. Happy hunting!!! 
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