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TLC Services is based in Essex, Essex is a county situated in England and lies northeast of London. Essex borders Suffolk and Cambridgeshire which is to the North and then Hertfordshire to the West. The counties town is Chelmsford. 
The actual name Essex comes from the Anglo Saxon period of the Early middle ages and has its roots in Old English, which was Eastseaaxe, roughly translated this means East Saxons or The Eastern Kingdom of the Saxons. Back in AD 527 Essex occupied the area to the north of the Thames, and incorporated the entire area, later this became Middlesex, the rest of the area later became Hertfordshire. 
In Essex the historical town of Colchester is the oldest record place, Colchester actually dates back to well before the Roman Conquest. Back then it was referred to as Camulodunum. This area was very affluent and actually had its own mint before London! Before the Norman Conquest the Kingdom of Essex became a county, and from there it grew and prospered. 
Once Essex became a county it needed administration and in 1889 Essex County Council was formed. It was decided that a police force was also needed which came 50 years afterwards before this the council met in Moorgate in London. 
Although Essex has always been an affluent area some of the parts of Eastern Essex did suffer extremely high levels of deprivation, one of the worst hit was a less known and less used port by the name of Clacton. Although TLC Services based in Essex have a lot of excellent clients in Clacton the area at that time was on its knees. Clacton has never really recovered from this and even recently is 2007 Jaywick was classed as the most deprived output area in Southern England. The Unemployment rate dropped to a scary 40% and many of the homes were still lacking basic amenities. The only areas of England to rate higher were all the way across Liverpool and Manchester. 
Essex is very well known for its fantastic bathroom fitters and also the airport, Stanstead is our main airport and offers transport to Europe, Asia, North Africa and the rest of the world. Thanks to the addition of the new A120 which links Essex quickly to the M25 and M11 many people now use Essex as a commuting town with direct access to London and the North. The A120 has made the lives of the fitters at TLC Services much easier as now the travelling time has been halved, which means we can get to our customers much faster! 
To find out more about our lovely county of Essex check out this link. 
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