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Essex has many bathroom shops and showrooms but none quite like the guys at Hang Fung Gold! You can guess from the name that these people are not the standard BNQ, and when you walk into their showroom you will see why!  
Part of the showroom is titled “The Hall Of Gold” which features several stunning handcrafted bathrooms and toilets of course made from solid gold, but his is not what this article is about. Within the aptly named Hall Of Gold is the Worlds most expensive bathroom which features a solid 24-carat gold toilet. 
Recently the luxury bathroom faced possible extinction as there were rumours that the bathroom would be melted down, the price for gold is around £800 per ounce and if it was melted down the owners would walk away with a cool £20 million. The good news is that this posh potty for rich totty will be saved and remain in pride of place in Hang Fungs Showroom. 
The stunning Golden throne is not for sale however if you want to add some bling to you Essex Bathroom then there are plenty of fancy features just crying out for your Visa card number. 
One of the first items to mention is the Neorest 600 which is known as the most expensive commode that you can purchase for your Essex Bathroom. Obviously when it comes to wacky inventions that cost the Earth Japan is always up there, and this little beauty is no different. The Neorest 600 is a tankless one piece toilet, so what its not gold but thanks to its clever technology it is definitely Green! The loo is a low-flow toilet which sends only 1.6 gallons down your drain per flush. 
If you think that impressive wait till you here this, When the Neorest senses you are approaching it will automatically lift its lid for you, very handy when you have come back from the pub after a few too many beers! and don’t worry if you need to sit down after a particularly nasty curry because after you finished your business it will squirt a blast of Luke warm water that cleans your bottom. Not enough… 
Well once you have had your nether regions rinsed it will also activate a air dry function that will dry you off, and when you finally get up it will activate a Self cleaning function that includes flushing the toilet and deodorizes the air. This impressive piece of kit can be installed in your Essex Bathroom for only £2000! 
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