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If you have seen Homes Under The Hammer the name Martin Roberts with most definitely ring a bell with you, Martin is known as the most respected Property, Travel and Lifestyle presenters in the UK. Marting superb journalist skills have earned him a lot of respect and admiration within the property world. Known best for his presenter role in BBC’s Homes under the hammer here are some tips on how a clever bathroom will add value to your home. 
Did you know that adding a new bathroom could add over 20% to the value of your home? Well, it can! By talking to us as TLC Services we can design and fit a Bathroom fitting Essex that will not only cater to the needs of your family and of course look stunning but also add value to your home. A recent survey from Nationwide say that house buyers list the Bathroom and Kitchen as the two most important rooms in the house. Potential buyers can overlook the hallway or maybe the bedroom that is really in need of a new coat of paint but shabby bathrooms are a real deal breaker. 
Firstly always make sure you install the right kitchen for the value of your house, a super expensive luxury bathroom in a small ex-council flat may look the part but as an investment, it makes no sense as there is no way you will ever make your money back. Martin advises that when it comes to bathrooms its a good idea to keep everything simple, so your Bathroom fitting Essex should be simple, stylish and most important neutral, it’s not really about gadgets and the frills it’s really more about quality products and features. 
For more great advice tune in to Homes Under The Hammer and see for yourself how you can increase the value of your home! 
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