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I was asked the other day by a good friend of the family “how can I get a great kitchen at a great price”, I pondered this question for a few moments before answering honestly that the only way is through hard work and common sense. This realisation inspired me to write down some simple pieces of advice for people to follow who are looking to get a dream kitchen without spending an absolute fortune. 
As a kitchen fitter who has been fitting kitchens in Essex I have seen my fair share of budgets spiralling out of control as Towie inspired wives try to keep up with the woman next door “who thinks she is better than me” but a career of kitchen fitting has meant I have some wisdom I can impart when it comes to fitting the dream kitchen within your budget. 
The key points I have detailed below and hope that this can help you get that dream Essex Kitchen fitted!!!! 
1) Keeping things simple is key to achieving that dream kitchen you have been looking for. The most eye-pleasing kitchens consist of either wide, deep drawers or floor mounted cupboards only. But never mix the two in one run as it will look ill thought out, cluttered and messy. Keeping things symmetrical is the key to keeping your kitchen looking great! 
2) The most important point to remember is for your kitchen to look incredible you have to use an experienced highly rated kitchen fitter. This is one area you cannot skimp on as even the most expensive kitchens look terrible if no fitted by a skilled kitchen fitter. 
3) Never ever place an extractor fan between wall cabinets: It looks ill-conceived and like no thought has been put into the location of it. The best way to keep your kitchen looking gorgeous is replacing adjacent cabinets with open shelves. Also, do not spend a fortune on the fan as the cheaper ones are often made in the same factories as their more expensive cousins. 
4) Concealment is vital to keeping your kitchen looking modern and well thought out so if it can be concealed let’s conceal it! 
5) Your appliances should be carefully chosen and not based on price alone. Personally, I feel buying basic white goods with a high energy efficiency rating.  
These can be concealed within your cabinets. 
6) The plinth at the bottom of your kitchen should be fitted as far back as possible. This will make the joinery appear cantilevered 
7) Spend your budget where it matters! Buy inexpensive kitchen carcasses from the big DIY stores such as Howdens and have them fitted with your own custom doors and drawer fronts 
8) Your worktop is one of the most visible aspects of your dream kitchen. So to have your kitchen fitted and looking like a million dollars it’s vital to pay close attention to this part of your kitchen. Honed granite is a great choice as its durable, looks great and is cost effective. 
9) Kitchen taps need to be of a good quality but don’t go over the top. Hansgrohe will do fine. 
10) Sleek kitchens are often free of handles as good quality fitted closers and push catches keep everything sleek. Beautiful handles are often a hidden cost that you can do without! 
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