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Posts from May 2020

I was asked the other day by a good friend of the family “how can I get a great kitchen at a great price”, I pondered this question for a few moments before answering honestly that the only way is through hard work and common sense. This realisation inspired me to write down some simple pieces of advice for people to follow who are looking to get a dream kitchen without spending an absolute fortune. 
Finding inspiration or style ideas for your new Essex bathroom is not always easy, but looking at other bathroom designs often helps! We at TLC Services have found four bathrooms designed for the rich, famous or infamous (you decide), one of which can be found in Essex … but which one? 
TLC Services is based in Essex, Essex is a county situated in England and lies northeast of London. Essex borders Suffolk and Cambridgeshire which is to the North and then Hertfordshire to the West. The counties town is Chelmsford. 
The actual name Essex comes from the Anglo Saxon period of the Early middle ages and has its roots in Old English, which was Eastseaaxe, roughly translated this means East Saxons or The Eastern Kingdom of the Saxons. Back in AD 527 Essex occupied the area to the north of the Thames, and incorporated the entire area, later this became Middlesex, the rest of the area later became Hertfordshire. 
Essex has many bathroom shops and showrooms but none quite like the guys at Hang Fung Gold! You can guess from the name that these people are not the standard BNQ, and when you walk into their showroom you will see why!  
Part of the showroom is titled “The Hall Of Gold” which features several stunning handcrafted bathrooms and toilets of course made from solid gold, but his is not what this article is about. Within the aptly named Hall Of Gold is the Worlds most expensive bathroom which features a solid 24-carat gold toilet. 
The Alto features a large rectangular bath with a power integrated whirlpool, this is driven by a 1 HP pump so there is plenty of power there! Other features of this stunning shower/bath are multi-positioned body jets, overhead flush shower, a powerful 3kw steam setting, integrated electronic control panel, Audio system and much more. 
If you have seen Homes Under The Hammer the name Martin Roberts with most definitely ring a bell with you, Martin is known as the most respected Property, Travel and Lifestyle presenters in the UK. Marting superb journalist skills have earned him a lot of respect and admiration within the property world. Known best for his presenter role in BBC’s Homes under the hammer here are some tips on how a clever bathroom will add value to your home. 
Up and down the country in bathrooms suites everywhere, there are men still clinging to the 20th Century by using a manual razor. In my little bathroom nestled away in the Essex countryside, I must admit I too have been stuck in my ways and have never used anything other than a manual razor for my grooming needs. 
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